Blossom Boutiques has exactly what every fashionable fan needs for cool weather. Keep your wardrobe current with the latest Atlanta Falcons sweatshirts, sweaters, tops and tees too. From Touch by Alyssa Milano to Nike, you can wear the top brands in women's NFL apparel.


Blossom Boutique was open in 2010 by Carla Smith & Jean Smith. It has a wide range of women clothing and accessories from famous brands.

Carla Smith

Fashion Designer, Owner

Carla completed a degree in fashion design from University of North Texas and has a decade of experience working for famous companies like Nike, D&G.

Jean Smith

Photographer, Co-Ownerv

Jean is a professional photographer and finished her degree from California Stata University and joined hands with her sister to open Blossom Boutique in 2010.


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